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Learning How to Say "No" to Free Brain Picking as a Service Provider

Growing up in Michigan, spending Sunday mornings at Church was a weekly occurence that I still remember vividly.  I don't recall the actual services, but what I DO remember is the 15-30 minutes it took us to actually exit the building.  You see, my dad is a doctor and as you can imagine, everyone in his path had a quick question to ask him about a sore neck, bad

8 PR Tips from a Professional Publicist Everyone doing DIY PR Should Know

As many of you know I didn't begin my career as a publicist or an entrepreneur....No, I began my professional career as a high school teacher (though I've come to learn there are several parallels and personality traits shared by high school students and those involved in the industries I work in, but those are stories for another day....).

Eating Our Way Through Smorgasburg - Independent Food Brands at their Finest

I love hearing the stories behind the businesses and probably just as much, I love the amazing products and services they create.  Buying from small businesses exposes you to so many innovative and fresh new ways to shop, eat, dress, decorate, live....the list is endless. 


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