8 PR Tips from a Professional Publicist Everyone doing DIY PR Should Know


As many of you know I didn't begin my career as a publicist or an entrepreneur....No, I began my professional career as a high school teacher (though I've come to learn there are several parallels and personality traits shared by high school students and those involved in the industries I work in, but those are stories for another day....).

When I began my career in public relations I was definitely starting out behind many of my colleagues, with more or less no industry experience.  This put me in the same position many small businesses and entrepreneurs are in who must rely on themselves to do their own public relations outreach.

Because of this experience I remember how valuable it was when I could ask for advice/tips/best practice methods from those who had more experience in my field.  Even today, years later, I find that these conversations powerfully impact my work in the PR industry.

Sometimes the best help comes from those who have been doing the job and doing it well for years, and are willing to be honest with you about how they do it.  Such a person is PR Guru Gwen Wunderlich, the president and founder of Wunderlich Inc., a boutique lifestyle PR agency in New York City.

We recently asked Gwen to give it to us straight and give the lowdown on a few of our most oft asked questions.  Find a list of what she dishes on below, and the answers in our Ask the Expert feature on what publicists know that DIY PR-ers should as well!

  • What do you think is the biggest mistake one can make when pitching their product to the monthly magazines?    
  • How important is a good looking website when you are a product based company of any kind?
  • What do you do when you believe a product is a great fit for a magazine or tv show but cannot get a response out of the editor or producer?  Give up?  New angle?
  • What is your opinion on follow up?  For someone you have no relationship with, how often do you REALLY think you should follow up?
  • What is one lesson you learned in your years of PR you wish you new sooner?
  • You specialize in fashion, beauty and accessories; what are some key things brands in those areas doing “DIY” PR should know about this area of public relations?
  •  What do you think is the main difference in results you find when pitching on phone versus email?
  • People often say PR is a marathon and not a sprint – have there been times you can remember that you have literally had to wait a long time, and pitch patiently and consistently, which eventually led you to an amazing placement?  Is it really all worth the hard work?
  • Why do you love PR so much even though it’s a darn hard job to do?

Find Gwen's answers HERE!