Media Contacts Updates


New and Updated Media Contacts Galore!

If you are a Tin Shingle Member or receive Tin Shingle's rocking newsletter, than you know we are updating and adding to our Media Contact Database. More and more members are taking their DIY PR Campaigns into TV, Radio, and Trade Magazine, and we are here to help them pave the way! Here is a look of some titles that have been updated or added:

Member Updates: TV & Radio Media Contacts

Every Monday Tin Shingle sends out a Member Update to all awesome people who are subscribed to our Newsletter, which give insider tips and happenings to help you get the word out about your business. For those who didn't receive the goings on behind the scenes at Tin Shingle can get a sneak peak here! 

More Media Contacts Are Here 

Tin Shingle is focusing on contacts at Radio & TV outlets as well as specific shows this week. Some new titles include:

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