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"Quit This Job & Love It": Forbes and Flight Attendant Remind Me of Why I Love Working for Me

Unless you've been living underneath a rock or completely disconnected from any news source, you've seen the story of flight attendant Steven Slater's slide to job freedom earlier this week.  Whether you agree with his departure style or not, it's hard not to think of topics job related topics from jo

Stress Survival Tactics for Entrepreneurs, Straight from the Publisher of Success Magazine

  I became familiar with Success Magazine  both from my own reading (I'm obsessed with reading any magazines dedicated to entrepreneurship, small business and the like) as well as from working on stories about innovative entrepreneurs with them.  When I discovered

Forbes 20 Most Important Questions in Business: Can You Answer Them for Your Brand?

When you're an entrepreneur you know that your business can change on a daily basis.  As business owners we are constantly innovating, evolving and working to find the best solutions to problems, the best ways to reach our customers and business strategies that will help us not just survive, but thrive.

Mark Cuban on Entrepreneurship in 2010: From Media Villains to Mobile Changing Everything

Today I was reading my daily newsletter and came across a great Mark Cuban referred to me by my partner at Red Branch PR, Michael Quinlan.  Normally we find Mark to be a bit of an abrasive, in your face personality, but when we checked out this link our opinions changed a bit. 


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