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Help Me Help You: Publicists Reveal How Small Biz Clients Can Improve Chances for Press & Their Working Relationship

*Co-founder & Chief Excitement Office of Tin Shingle Sabina is also the co-founder of Red Branch PR.  Here, she & some fellow publicists share tips for small biz owners everywhere...A list they've been wanting to share for quite some time now...

Twitter Tips: How to Grow Your Understanding & Followers and Shrink Your Fear of Tweeting

Twitter.  No matter how much you may want to avoid dipping your  toe - or whole leg - into it,  it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  On top of that, it’s where many of your customers, competitors and press contacts are getting their news, communicating with each other, learning about products, services and events and simply hanging out.  I

Tin ShingleING with Kindness: Are you a Squeaky Wheel People WANT to Oil?

"Do you love well? Do you lead by example? Do you do quality – even exceptional -- work? Can you reach for compassion in a tense situation? Are you open to learning? Are you open, period? Each day, something. Burrow into the nuance. In 2012, look beyond driven and accomplished and think versatile and kind."


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