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Day in the Entrepreneurial Life on National Parent's Day

In honor of National Parent's Day, Ashley asked me for a day-in-the-life write-up for the Diaries of Small Business Owners section on Tin Shingle. This is a member-produced blog platform for our small business members to share what it's like building, growing and running a business from a behind-the-scenes perspective.

It's broken down into a few sections, so take a read and see if you or your mompreneur and dadpreneur friends can identify:

Happy Thanksgiving - You've Got The Magic In You

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! May your day be warm and wonderful.

We are thankful for all you creators out there, who thrive off of creating things that help others in the world, from artwork like this card, to app makers like what this card was created in (shout out to WordSwag), to initiative creators who bring water or clothes to those who can't get it.

You've got the magic in you.

Happy Thanksgiving

Tin Shingle Moves Into an Office - On Main Street! In the Trenches with Local Businesses

Back in January, while ruminating on 2016 Resolutions, I let myself say out loud that it was maybe time to take an office. Tin Shingle has been run from the home offices of myself and my former business partner, Sabina Hitchen for 8 years. I personally have been in business for 11 years running InHouse Design Media, and now A Little Beacon Blog as well.

Quote: "Honesty, Like Sanity, Is The Best Policy"

Chelsea Berler is a dear business friend from afar. We met - I don't even know when or how - but her loyalty and upbeat vision of business creation and growth are one of my favorite traits about her. When Chelsea reached out to me to let me know she was compiling a book of inspiring quotes to challenge people to move forward positively one week at a time, I was honored that she let me know about it, and that she'd asked me to contribute to her book, "You're Not Alone; 52 Ways To Inspire Change One Week at a Time".

Co-founders Sabina & Katie Get Real About How They're Beginning the New Year

One of the best things about the start of a new year is the incentive it gives us to start fresh, start better or start over.  It gives us time to reflect on how we're doing things in our work, life, office and home and how we can do those things more successfully.&nb


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