Motivation Mix Monday: Colleen DeBaise of the Wall Street Journal Brings her Tin Shingle Playlist & her Country Swagger


Did you miss last week's Motivation Mix Monday featuring Rod Kurtz, AOL Small Business Executive Editor, Small Biz Influencer? Get his playlist HERE!

This week's Guest DJ taking to the Tin Shingle turntables is Colleen DeBaise, small business editor at The Wall Street Journal and author of "The Wall Street Journal Complete Small Business Guidebook."  Colleen is nominated for a Small Business Influencer award, and you can vote for this amazing supporter of entrepreneurship by clicking here

Colleen's work ranges from her popular "How I Built It" series to interviews with rapper turned entrepreneur Snoop Dogg, to coverage on how "food-preneurs" of all kinds discussed the reasons for their use (and non-use) of Twitter

Take a listen to Colleen's playlist, read her notes on why she picked each song, and maybe even download a few you may need in the future to keep when you're burning the midnight oil or having a down day. 

Colleen's mix ranges in musical genres, but has a common thread: it's going to help you bring the "entrepreneurial swagger" you need to remain confident and on track. It includes tunes that will help you face naysayers and bad days head on.  When all else fails, blast tune #9, sing aloud with wreckless abandon at the office, and we bet you'll be feeling better in no time....

Playlist of Guest DJ: Collen DeBaise, Wall Street Journal

Mumford & Sons > Little Lion Man

Why: It’s an aggressive song. You should come out swinging on a Monday. It also references something gone horribly wrong. Entrepreneurship is all about survival.

Joe Purdy > I Love the Rain the Most

Why: This is about the rain clouds parting, and the sun coming back out. Yay!

Nanci Griffin > This Old Town

Why: Another good song about overcoming adversity … this is a folk song about a town in the dust bowl that keeps getting banged up – but keeps on enduring.

*Amy Winehouse > Rehab

Why: Best refrain ever: No, no, no. Do people think you're crazy for pursuing your dream? Do they think you should get a 'real' job? Tell them no, no, no.

Coldplay > Viva la Vida  

Why: It’s a song about ruling the world. Enough said.

Sufjan Stevens > This Dress Looks Nice on You

Why: Not only is this a good song, but the artist has managed to create a cult following with his outside-the-box thinking. Very entrepreneurial.

The Weepies > World Spins Madly On

Why: Greatest first line ever: “Woke up and wished that I was dead.” Having a bad day? This singer is having a worse= one.

Big & Rich >  Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

Why: When marathon training, this song gets me motivated for a long run. Seems to have swagger.

Kid Rock > Cowboy

Why: Apparently, I like cowboys. This one has even more swagger, plus a radio edit. You’ll conquer the day.

My “Vienna Philharmonic”  Pandora station

Why: Studies show you are more productive when listening to classical music (and I needed to class up this list). The Vienna Philharmonic is the best in the world. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

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*Tin Shingle & Colleen acknowledge with sadness the loss of Amy Winehouse's early passing.