Motivation Mix Monday: Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends Makes us Dance at our Desks


Another Monday starts with reason to get your mood up and get down to work, yes it's Motivation Mix Monday time.  If you missed last weeks, or any of the past mixes, click HERE to get your motivation on....

Today's Guest DJ, we first found on Twitter where we've become addicted to her tweets on all things small business.  Anita Campbell is the founder of Small Business Trends, one of the largest and most popular independent small-business blogs on the Web.  Founded in 2003, it now features contributions from 150+ small business experts.

Anita also owns, a social media site dedicated to small business content.  She is also the founder of the Small Business Book Awards and co-founder of the Small Business Influencer Awards.

Anita's mix is one you will definitely be singing to out loud at your desk/on your commute/during a random dancre break or at 1 AM when you're still pumping through your to do list. 


Let's Get it Started > Black Eyed Peas

If you are hesitating or unsure about a new product or business line, sometimes you just need to say to your team "let's get it started."  And with this song's beat, you'll have so much energy you'll bring the world to its knees.

Raise Your Glass > Pink

Because entrepreneurs are quirky individualists who follow their own paths.  Celebrate your individualism -- go where you heart and soul take you!

I'm Free > The Who

Nothing gets your energy level up like a Who song. It's for the entrepreneur who finally leaves working for The Man.

Refugee > Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Sometimes a dose of defiance is what you need to bounce back when life hasn't always gone your way.

All Fired Up > Pat Benatar

The lyrics say it all.  It could be the entrepreneur's motto about persevering:
"...there comes a time when everything just falls in line.  We live and learn from our mistakes."

Revolution > The Beatles

We startup entrepreneurs start out convinced we're going to change the world.  But -- there may be desire, without the necessary thought behind it. If we're lucky, we'll have someone mentor us by saying, "You say you got a real solution. Well, you know, we'd all love to see the plan."

At Last > The Etta James classic performed by Beyonce

Because, there's no more fortunate entrepreneur than one finally able to say "I found a dream that I could speak to, a dream that I can call my own." Live your dreams!

How Do You Like Me Now  > Toby Keith

For all of us entrepreneurs who were nerds, bookworms, geeks, ugly ducklings or misfits in high school.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich > Lady Gaga

Because so many entrepreneurs secretly want to get filthy rich and famous!  And at 120 beats per minute, the tempo will keep you moving toward your goals.

Footloose > Kenny Loggins

Work hard, play hard