Motivation Mix Monday: Rod Kurtz of AOL Small Business Shares His Playlist & We Feel Good & Gangsta


Did you miss last week's inaugural Motivation Mix Monday featuring the Tin Shingle team members playlists?  Check it out HERE!

When we decided to start this blog series I knew that I'd want to pull from the playlist of this week's "guest DJ" as I know he understands the entrepreneurship hustle and I had a feeling from his tweets that he'd have a great set of motivational tunes.  He did not disappoint.  In fact, I downloaded several of the songs off his playlist before writing this blog.  Entrepreneurship can require you to dig deep, to work when you'd rather be sleeping, to pull on energy pools you didn't think you had left in you, to get up early and to stay late.  Fortunately for you, Rod's set list will help make that easier.

When he's not curating an impressive collection of hip hop's finest hits you can find Rod everywhere entrepreneurs can be found.  He currently serves as the executive editor of AOL Small Business and previously served as a staff writer and senior editor at Inc. and, where he created and oversaw some of the site's most popular franchises, including "30 Under 30: America's Coolest Young Entrepreneurs". Recognize his face?  Probably because he is a frequent commentator on TV and radio, including NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News Channel, and Fox Business Network,as well as a guest lecturer in entrepreneurship at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

That said, his Twitter bio is my favorite:
"Defender of all things entrepreneurial. And sneakers. I like sneakers."

Phew! With a resume like that his playlist lis clearly working for him, so without further delay let's get to it! 

AND, If you love Rod's tunes and all he does to support the small business cause, be sure to vote for him in the 2011 Small Business Influencer competition HERE.

Playlist of Guest DJ: Rod Kurtz, AOL Small Business
*thanks to Rod for the playlist notes as well - we always love to know the "why" behind the music choices!

  1. TI & Rihanna > Live Your Life
    "Isn't that what entrepreneurship is all about?"
  2. Notorious BIG > Sky’s the Limit
  3. Tom Petty > Running Down a Dream
    "Are we starting to see a theme here?"
  4. ACDC  > Money Talks
  5. Aceyalone > Can’t Hold Back
    "I dare you to listen to this song and not be in a good mood after."
  6. Chiddy Bang  > Opposite of Adults
    "This just makes me feel free, whatever that means. And they shot the video a block from my apartment."
  7. Jay –Z  > Empire State of Mind
    "Sure, it's completely played out by now, but 'concrete jungle where dreams are made of' is still one of the best descriptions of New York I've ever heard."
  8. Nas > Made Ya Look
    "Whenever I've been away, the minute I get off the plane or train, I put this on. Just makes me think 'New York hustle.' Google the video."
  9. Michael Jackson > Beat It
    "I won't try to assign broader significance to this. Every playlist just needs a little MJ."
  10. Aloe Blacc > I Need a Dollar 
    "Theme song from HBO's How to Make It in America -- the best show about entrepreneurs on television."
  11. "Ke$ha  > TiK ToK
    "We all have our guilty pleasures."
  12. The Beatles  > Hey Jude
    "An uplifting classic to atone for Ke$ha."
  13. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dog > Deep Cover
    "A true hip-hop classic -- that kicked off one of the most fascinating entrepreneurial stories in music history. And yes, he went by 'Snoop Doggy Dogg' back then."
  14. Geto Boys  > Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangtsa
    "A great walk-home song at the end of the day. When things are going your way, we all feel a little gangsta."

    PS - Don't forget to vote for Rob, entrepreneurial gangsta, HERE in the 2011 Small Business Influencer competition!