Domestic Violence Awareness Month Turns 30 - Resonates with This Week's TuneUp - Going Bigger: The Mindset

This month (October) National Domestic Violence Month turns 30, which supports individuals working through domestic issues and raises awareness for those issues. A belief of National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) is well supported also by Tin Shingle: Storytelling is a tool for raising awareness & inspiring action. The truth is our personal life spills over, shapes, and changes our business life.

TuneUp Update: Pausing For Maternity Leave

TIME: 12pm EST


Tin Shingle's Training TuneUp is going on Maternity Leave for the rest of June, returning for the What To Pitch: July series on Wednesday July 5th 2017, and then on July 19th and July 26th and August 2nd.

The new little baby is not here yet, but will be any day! So it's best that we clear the calendar.

Next Training TuneUp: How To Become A Published Author, With Kelly O'Connor McNees

Tin Shingle knows of your secret dreams to be a published author. Some of you already are published authors, and you have pumped it up to market your books. This is why we tapped into Katie's first friend during her Harper Collins days, Kelly O'Connor McNees. Kelly and Katie started in book publishing as editorial assistants, and went on to publish FOUR books. Yes four.

TuneUp Selfies!

Every Wednesday, Tin Shinglers all over the country drop what they're doing and come together to train their PR muscles at the latest TuneUp. Since we can't see where everyone is or what they're doing while participating in our webinars, we asked! Take a look at some of the selfies the makers and doers of Tin Shingle posted during recent TuneUps.

What to Expect on Wednesday's TuneUp: Be Your Own Blogger

Tomorrow's live broadcast of the training TuneUp focuses on blogging - what to do with that blog on your website that sits up in your navigation, but you aren't sure what to fill it with. Below is a little video originally delivered on Periscope and saved here for you to see any time. Go sign up for the TuneUp, and I'll talk to you soon! (ps: if you're reading this after 9/28/16, then the recording of the TuneUp is in our TuneUp Training Center for you to stream).

Day In The Life Of: PR Expert Kelly Kepner of Kelly Kepner PR

Fascinating is the day in the life of a buzz-building expert in their field. Kelly Kepner of Kelly Kepner Public Relations is one such person, who casually mentions things like "I am still getting requests for Holiday Gift Guides!" because that is normal in her day. Before you hear Kelly live in Tin Shingle's next Training TuneUp this week, we asked her to give you a glimpse of her day. Because what's going on in her day could also be going on in yours if you followed the advice she's going to give you this Wednesday.

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