Late Night SEO Tinkering - Watch How Katie Makes a Simple Copy Change for Big Results

I do my best SEO data analysis at night.

Or maybe I just think I do because there is no one around to argue with me or cross-examine my theory. :)

It is because of the night, when everyone is off-duty and no one expects an email back, that I can sit in the Google Analytics of some website - my own or clients - and watch what the traffic is doing.

Blinded, Dark Google Search - What Will We DO Without Keywords?

So Google removed most keyword data from your stats. Which means that you can't see what keyword phrases people are typing into Google that lead them to your website pages. You can see them from Yahoo and Bing, but most people use Google, so we're $*it out of luck. And must now work blindfolded.

Yahoo!!! Tumblr Acquired Under Design + Community Focused Marissa Mayer

Guess who made this panic graphic...not the Tumblr/Yahoo haters, but Yahoo's CEO, Marissa Mayer. For her Tumblr blog. Which she named - misspelling her last name by dropping the "e" in keeping with Tumblr and Yahoo owned Flickr.



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