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TuneUp Selfies!

Every Wednesday, Tin Shinglers all over the country drop what they're doing and come together to train their PR muscles at the latest TuneUp. Since we can't see where everyone is or what they're doing while participating in our webinars, we asked! Take a look at some of the selfies the makers and doers of Tin Shingle posted during recent TuneUps.

TechStyle: Next Week We'll Be Watching Emerging Brands Mix with #NYFW Elite - and Podcasting Their Stories!

It's official: press, bloggers and fashion influencers have descended upon New York City from all over the world, managing to look fabulous while braving the ice and freezing temps in their designer duds.  Names like Osca

Have You Tried this Strategy to Boost Instagram Engagement & Get More Followers?

Ah, Instagram. It's still a rather new frontier for most small business owners and experts.  Whether you're a newbie or were an early adopter you're still probably focused on growing both our engagement and following as more of both of them means more buzz, visibility and potential sales for your brand.


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