Motivation Mix Monday: Peg Samuel, THE Social Diva: A Guest DJ Who Spins in REAL Life Too


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Every Monday we start the week off with music selected by a Guest DJ, and today is no different, except that the DJ from the world of entrepreneurship is also a real DJ. Peg Samuel is not only the founder of Social Diva, a go-to resource for all a woman's social needs where they provide readers with exclusive invitations to events, VIP access and deals...but we also love her because when Peg, an avid lover of all things musical decided that she wanted to take her love of music to the next level, she didn't just make a mix for her iPod, she made her own ALBUM.  And she didn't just make one album, she just released her ANOTHER album.  The lady cannot be stopped - you can check out her latest musical podcast HERE!  She's added to her resume now only her role as the founder of Social Diva to DJ Social Diva as well.

If you ask us, that's the sign of a true Tin Shingle - when they want something done right, they do (or create it) themselves!  Now we'll let our resident music-preneur take it away!

Playlist for Guest DJ, Peg Samuel: Social Diva

1. U2 > Beautiful Day

U2 is a classic – they are true rock stars. This song’s lyrics & good feelings make it my daily motivation go-to. 

2. Alicia Keys > Rock Wit You

A friend once told me this was my theme song… it’s so sultry & sexy. Who wouldn’t listen to her theme song, especially with that sexy tag line? 

3. The Wizard Brian Cox > My Dream b/w It's Gonna Work Out

My dream—the title says it all. It inspires me to keep making my vision tangible throughout each day. I’m a big fan of The Wizard Brian Coxx. Maybe that’s why this song is on Strictly Social Diva Remixed? Indeed.

4. Madonna >  Jump (Extended Mix)

Madonna? What’s a motivation mix without this goddess? This song inspired me to quit my day job 4 years ago. Go Madge!

5. Alias Rhythm > Something (So Good)

Playing favorites means playing this song—also on my remix of Strictly Social Diva. It’s so fun & uplifting. I love Sandy Spady’s voice, and she is a doll as well. 

6. ZOO Brazil and Princess Superstar > Do You Wanna Funk

This is a new track I just got my hands on that I love! Super catchy.

7. Barbara Tucker > I Get Lifted (David Tort Remix)

In case you didn’t know it yet, this diva loves house music. I’m telling you now: this song is awesome! When I hear it, I picture total arms in the air… Okay, sometimes I totally do wave my arms in the air, but only when I’m at my home office. If I’m in public, I just imagine I’m doing it – still works!

8. Deadmau5 & Chris Lake > I Said

I love DeadMau5. Such major energy. The mouse head he wears is pretty  brilliant, too. 

9. Wink > Higher State of Consciousness

An uplifting song from my boys over at Strictly Rhythm. This is always on the DJ Social Diva playlist. 

10. Blaze >  Breathe (Danism Mix)

After the up up up, I have to take it down a few BPM. This sexy, smooth track has a great vibe and awesome lyrics. 

11. Red Hot Chili Peppers > If You Have to Ask

Rock ‘N Roll time and Red Hot Chili Peppers hits the spot.

12. Talking Heads >  Once in a Lifetime

I <3 Talking Heads. David Byrne is a genius. 

13. Sting > Desert Rose

Always been a fan of Sting and the Police, so my motivation playlist wouldn’t be complete without him, He has an amazing voice & is hot to boot. This song is as beautiful as his yoga body.

Peg also adds: I hope you all have Wealth, Success, Victory, & Joy today!