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How to Use the IFTTT App as a Business Strategy & Time Saver

Any app that promises to "put the Internet to work for you" is always going to pique my interest, and when my husband - a man I'd describe as a choosy app fanatic - began singing it's praises, I had to check it out.  It, my friends, is IFTTT, otherwise known as "If That Then This".  Why are you going to love it?  It let's you preserve precious brai

How to Grab the Attention of the Press at Trade Shows

These days trade shows aren't only a place to connect with potential retail partners, they're also the perfect place to grow or begin a relationship with important members of the press who are there to check out what's new, next and "now".  But how do you get them excited about your booth, your brand and your story?   We turned to a few me


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