What to Expect on Wednesday's TuneUp: Be Your Own Blogger

Tomorrow's live broadcast of the training TuneUp focuses on blogging - what to do with that blog on your website that sits up in your navigation, but you aren't sure what to fill it with. Below is a little video originally delivered on Periscope and saved here for you to see any time. Go sign up for the TuneUp, and I'll talk to you soon! (ps: if you're reading this after 9/28/16, then the recording of the TuneUp is in our TuneUp Training Center for you to stream).

New Template! Blog Planning and Production Calendar Ready for Download

Tin Shingle has released its 2016 Blog Planning and Production Calendar template, with over 250 ideas to help you come up with blog posts that highlight your business. The secret to creating an enticing blog - one that helps new customers find your business and makes what you sell irresistible - is planning ahead and sticking to the plan.

LIFETIME BONUS: When you get this template, you get the next year's for free!

Getting Press via a Blogger and Your Affiliate Program

Bloggers are the rising stars of the Internet. From bloggers who create digital worlds in fashion, local, food, music, tech, motorcycles, everything, it's a great place to publish and be published in because the content is so focused. If the blogger has done their job, their audience trusts their recommendations and features the blog publishes.

The Power of Personal Style Bloggers: Understanding It & Harnessing It For Your Business

I've got a naughty addiction and I'm ready to share it...No, it's not illegal, but yes it does give me a total high...Ever since I started I haven't been able to stop.  In the morning, in the afternoon, while waiting in line at the post office...on the train...The truth is, my name is Sabina and I'm addicted to personal style bloggers.

The Business of Blogging: Rising Star of the Fashion Blogosphere Nashelly Messina of Fabulatina is Mastering it

Blogs have come a long way from their days as simple, online diaries. These days these constantly updating and far-reaching editorial and idea platforms have become big business. Bloggers with a unique voice, a loyal and strong following and entrepreneurial savvy can turn their passion into more than just profit, they can grow a powerful, multi-level brand.


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