Motivation Mix Monday: Nancy Colasurdo of Fox Business News Makes Us Want to Sing Out Loud at our Desk


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Today's mix comes to us from Nancy Colasurdo, the writer of Fox Business online's "Game Plan" column.  You may already be an avid reader of her columns already, and if not you should definitely become one.  What we've always loved about Nancy's work is that she is able to unearth the human interest story in a business story.  She takes it beyond the numbers and below the surface due to her ability to carefully extract the true story of the people running the businesses she covers.  We found this out first hand this past week when she covered Tin Shingle and our Chief Excitement Officer Sabina this past week, which you can find HERE. Perhaps this is because she's not just a business writer but also a trained life coach.  Whatever the reason, we have a feeling once you begin reading her weekly coverage of business stories from around the country you'll be hooked like we are.

You can find Nancy's work online HERE and on Twitter HERE.

You can find her music list below, ready to get your Monday started off right.  Remember, as her first song states "Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough" this morning!


1. Michael Jackson > Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Probably my favorite dance song of all time; great for when my brain needs a complete break from writing

2. Christina Aguilera > Beautiful

Love her voice, so centering; plus, good writing like the lyrics of this song inspire my own writing

3.  Lady GaGa > Bad Romance

Because I swear column ideas pop into my head while I'm exercising to this; and totally a fan of Ms. Stefani Germanotta

4.  Beatles > Twist and Shout

Instant happy - conjures up a hip-swaying Ferris Bueller; another "escape" tune

5. Van Halen > Panama

Come on, " ... reach down, between my legs, and ease the seat back ..." -- says it all, right?

6.  U2 > Vertigo

Do I need a reason? How good is this song?

7. Barbra Streisand > Don't Rain on My Parade

This is so "talk to the hand" and take your negativity elsewhere

8. Pink > U + Ur Hand

Phenomenal anger/stress release; punching a bag at the gym to this is better than therapy

9. Boston > Long Time

Love me some classic rock; volume must get progressively louder; puts me in a zone

10.  Frank Sinatra > Come Fly with Me

Reminds me of my childhood because my father was always playing Sinatra; but as an adult, totally dig some swingin' Sinatra; and come on, I live in Hoboken