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Welcome to These New Members of Tin Shingle! February Week 3

A big welcome to these new members of Tin Shingle! Sometimes we know folks who join Tin Shingle and we know what their goals, and sometimes we do not! Everyone's buzz-building story is different and uses Tin Shingle in unique ways. Our favorite part is watching the growth that involved members' experience as they work it to empower themselves and grow their brand!

How a Former Math Teacher Opened Barb's Butchery and Defied Bank's Denials

Opening a butcher shop isn't one of the sexier small businesses one could open, but with the farm to table movement raging, a butcher shop from the old days is just what many American small towns want. But when the butcher was a former math teacher, who when asked why she opened a butcher shop answers: "I just didn't want to teach math anymore", one wonders how she opened the shop and cuts all of the meat to order.


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