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Moment of Silence for 9/11 in 2017

Our moment of quiet came today at 4:47pm here at Tin Shingle, when reflective thoughts could come in, allowing for a moment of silence today for 9/11 victims, their families, first responders, and those who helped. And then pictures and news of Irma flooding in Charleston happened - during Florida , after Texas, and so many others, and it became overwhelming. So many victims in the past, and so many victims being created right now - today.

Day in the Entrepreneurial Life on National Parent's Day

In honor of National Parent's Day, Ashley asked me for a day-in-the-life write-up for the Diaries of Small Business Owners section on Tin Shingle. This is a member-produced blog platform for our small business members to share what it's like building, growing and running a business from a behind-the-scenes perspective.

It's broken down into a few sections, so take a read and see if you or your mompreneur and dadpreneur friends can identify:

TuneUp Selfies!

Every Wednesday, Tin Shinglers all over the country drop what they're doing and come together to train their PR muscles at the latest TuneUp. Since we can't see where everyone is or what they're doing while participating in our webinars, we asked! Take a look at some of the selfies the makers and doers of Tin Shingle posted during recent TuneUps.

Friends Don't Let Friends Work Without a To Do List

Friends Don't Let Friends Work Without a To Do List.

This is mainly a mantra for myself, because as I get too busy, I go off-script and assume that I remember all of the important things that need to get done and in what order. But guess what? Too much for the brain.

Don't rely on your brain. Write down what you need to get done in the next hour or four hours. You can do this! Makes for a successful week that you set up on Monday.

Monday, Let's Do This! What's Your Goal/Hope This Week? 8/15/16

Special to entrepreneurs and makers is the hope that we feel on a Monday - the start of a new week and a new crack at making ideas happen. What are you doing this week? What is your goal/hope for this week? Let us know in the comments below, or share on our Facebook or Instagram post.

#TBT To That Time When Peggy Li and Katie Met for the First Time in Person

Peggy Li, founder of Peggy Li Creations, has been a digital buddy of mine for a long time. I first discovered her at the The Switchboards, a platform for creatives who loved sharing resources, advice and encouragement. I "met" several of my current creative friends at those boards, actually. Peggy was always the first one who knew of great technical tools that were available online.

Giving Thanks and Feeding Neighbors All Year Long

Wednesday of Thanksgiving Week is finally here! The day to unplug and pack in many errands to get ready for cooking, traveling, or gathering. Marketing messages during this time have increased and the intensity of sales strategies gotten sharper (did you spring for any early sales?). Tin Shingle is part of this digital liberation for businesses who are creating amazing graphics for email marketing in that we teach how to do this, but we are pausing today to focus on the person standing next to you - in your local world.


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