What To Pitch This Month


What to Pitch the Press in December: The Long & The Short of It...

All I want for Christmas...is a nap, and some winter weather, and for YOU to have the confidence and know-how to pitch the press some killer stories, the type of stories they're actually looking to cover.  That means that we have to talk timing and ideas, and the good news for you is that is exactly what we'll be doing in this month's edition of What to Pitch, a series exclusive to TinShingle.com!

Short Lead: Timing & Ideas:

What to Pitch the Press in September: From Fall to Fashion

I'd love to tell you I'm feeling the end-of-summer blues right now but I'd be lying. I actually love this time of year, not only because it heralds in the start of fall, but because so many members of the press and so many business owners begin to kick it up a notch around this time of year.  Not only does back-to-school mean increased freedom for entrepreneurs who are also parents, but the press calendar is packed with hot topics, from fall fashion (Fashion Week fever has already hit NYC) to football anything and everything related to this new season.


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