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This Motivation Mix is How Uber-busy Entrepreneur Pamela Pekerman Makes it Work...Get Ready to "Chair Dance"

Pamela Pekerman is a fashion & lifestyle expert and the face of Psquared Productions, a media platform focused on inspiring women to, “Always Be Your Best You” through smart style and beauty tips and empowering lifestyle changes.  

Motivation Mix: Inspirational Fitness Brand Words to Sweat By Pumps Us Up Like It's Their Job (Which it IS!)

Dana LardnerIf you've ever tried to get in shape, or simply struggle to get yourself to the gym on Monday morning, Words to Sweat By was made for you.  The company, founded by entrepreneu

Motivation Mix: Tin Shingle's Ashley Broussard Spins Tunes as the Featured Virtual DJ

Meet Ashley, our amazing editorial assistant over here at Tin Shingle.  You KNOW this girl has energy in bulk and motivation coming out her ears, you have to in order to keep up with Team Tin Shingle.  Not only does Ashley deliver awesomeness on a daily basis to

Motivation Mix Monday Member Mash Up: Guest DJ's Get Us Moving!

Every Monday, Tin Shinglers from all corners of the country (and world for that matter) wake up, face the day, dig deep and often rely on inner strength, energy and inspiration to motivate not only themselves but their teams as well.  It's these entrepreneurs that we were thinking of when we created this Motivation Mix blog series, and why we find it only fitting to


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