Money Monday


Money Monday: That Invoice IS Going To Send Itself!

What are you doing for your Money Monday? Make this an Invoicing Monday! Sometimes, just one invoice becomes very hard to send. You may be putting it off because your day is too busy, or for emotional reasons, you keep forgetting to send it (because you have a fear of billing clients).

Money Monday: Resolution Accomplished! Removed PMI From Mortgage

Now in its second year, the practice of making and keeping New Years Resolutions here at Tin Shingle falls into a category of doing something specific. Some call this goal oriented. I call this - just more fun. For instance, a resolution do not take the form of: "I will get rich!" Rather, it takes the form of "Refinance House And Eliminate PMI" (PMI is that mortgage insurance that some people need when purchasing a home, and for our family, has been an extra $150/month for a number of years).

#MoneyMonday: How To Get A New Filing Cabinet For Free

Today's Monday Monday is brought to you by your filing cabinet. The one that you hopefully have in the corner that you treated yourself with from Pottery Barn or West Elm or even Target - some place that officially says:

"I am organized. I care about my things. I will stay on top of these money matters. And I will kick butt.'

#MoneyMonday: Just Donate!

Monday's around here at Tin Shingle are filled with motivation. Sometimes we channel that motivation into the theme of getting money things done - like pitching a new client or advertiser, or designing a financial class with money experts who specialize in working with entrepreneurs and artists (yes, look for that signup opportunity!) It could even mean sending out invoices, paying invoices, or signing on with a new ecommerce tools at your website (yes, that's going on over here!) We call it #MoneyMondays.

Happy Money Monday! Personal Finance Seminar with Galia Gichon November 10, 2016

For the first time in eight years, Tin Shingle has an office on the Main Street of the small town in which it is headquartered: Beacon, NY. And what can you do with an office? Bring great people like you into it to make your life better! Tin Shingle readers and members live all over the United States (and across national boarders!), so you probably don't live in our city, so we have made sure to make our first workshop available to you to stream live!

Money Monday: Doing the AT&T Happy Dance for Change in Data Overage Pricing

Around here, Mondays are loved, they are something to look forward to because we are entrepreneurs and make our own rules, and want to see if the game we set up is working. Are we winning? Winning in this case can be measured by making payroll, paying mortgage or rent and other personal bills with your profits, creating new revenue streams by designing products that work, and of course, improving the world because usually entrepreneurs set out to solve problems.

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