Motivation Mix Monday: Taisa Veras, social media manager of WWD MAGIC, Gets Monday Groovin' trade show floor in Vegas


Happy Monday Tin ShingleS! Every Monday we give you a new reason to get up & get moving via our Monday Motivation Mixes presented by a new guest DJ who is actively involved in the world of small business and entrepreneurship and this week is no different.  If you're a Tin Shingle who has a business that works in any way with the fashion and accessories business you know that this week the famous MAGIC Trade show is going on in Las Vegas.  In fact, we know several of our members are there right now!  In honor of this exciting time for fashion-preneurs we asked the social media manager of MAGIC herself, stylist & blogger Taisa Veras (who also works with FEED Projects & the founded the AMAHZING Blog) to give us her playlist today.  Be sure you not only check out her playlist (if it helps her do as much as she does it's gotta be good) but also follow her reports this week from MAGIC & on independent designers & fashion-preneurs in general!

Taisa Veras is one busy woman & much of her time is spent surrounded by independent designers.  With this week being such an important week for the fashion crowd as MAGIC is currently kicking into high gear we knew she would be a great pick for Guest DJ.  Taisa has been a fashion blogger and freelance fashion stylist since 2008. She is currently the Social Media / Community Manager for MAGIC Tradeshows. This means handles the social media for the Twitter feeds including @WWDMAGIC, @StreetAtMAGIC, @MenswearAtMagic, @FNPlatform and writes for the MAGIC Trade Show Tumblr. She is also a Community Manager and Features Writer for FashionablyMarketing.Me (@InsideFMM) and  a contributing writer for StartUp Fashion. On top of all that Veras writes her own fashion blog, Amahzing. You can follow her on Twitter @TaisaVeras and @AMAHZING_.


1.    Katy Perry > Waking Up In Vegas
“I’m in Vegas right now for MAGIC and this song is definitely the theme song of the moment.”

2.    Jay-Z > Dirt Off Your Shoulders

“I love the beat of the song and the lyrics. You can’t go wrong.”

3.    Jennifer Lopez > On The Floor

“Best song to dance to at the moment.”

4.    Kings of Leon > Birthday

“I love their latest album and this is my favorite song from it.”

5.    Kylie Minogue > Get Out of My Way

“For those moments when you feel like you can take over the world.”

6.    Adele > Rolling in the Deep

“Just listening to Adele’s voice inspires me. Great uplifting song.”

7.    Britney Spears > Till the World Ends

"This song makes me start a dance party after a long day at work.”

8.    Florence and The Machine > Dog Days Are Over

“Best song to listen when you need a lift in the mood.”

9.    Bebel Gilberto > Aganju

“I love Brazilian bossa nova tunes for relaxation.”

10.    Lady Gaga > Just Dance

“Lady Gaga’s first album is my favorite and this is my go-to song when I just want to have a good time.”