How to Create an Editor Preview Event to Show Off Your Products with Maximum Results: Your Questions Please!

Ah the editor preview/editor meet and greet events.  Often these can propel your brand's success to the next level and publicists use this technique often when introducing clients' products to the press.  Pitching your products via email or ph

Next #PRTuneUp: Taking your questions. Ask us in the comments!

It's late at night, you're sleuthing around, trying to find out how to pitch a magazine your brand would be perfect for. You're a business owner, or you're the bright staff member a business owner has hired to score them major press. Or you're the PR agency your client has hired, and you're working your networks of knowedge to land that big hit.

So You Wanna Make a Poster with Images & Text for Your Social Media Feed & Website? Here's How!

Here's something you should know about me: I LOVE posters that employ the use of graphics (photos or backgrounds) with cool typography over them.  You see these regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even company's websites.  Why do I love them?


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