What I Wish I Knew About PR Before I Became a Pro

One of the best ways to learn how to do something better, faster and more strategically is by asking a pro, and that's exactly what we did for you over at Tin Shingle this week.  Not only did we ask a handful of PR rock stars how to do things better, we asked them what they wish they'd known about doing PR before they spent years honing their skills and

Why Every Biz Should Care About Getting Features in Biz Press

To know us is to know we don't just believe that successful business owners know that building buzz is a mandatory part of success, but it's also important to make sure different types of stories are circulating about your business.  What do we mean by that?  Well, beyond features about your product and service specifically, you also want other stories cycli

Editor Etiquette: Two of Our Most Common Magazine Pitching Questions Answered...

Let's face it: pitching magazines is hard.  Knowing the right way to follow up (or when not to) can be baffling.  True story.  In every business owner's quest to land magazine press sitautions arise that leave them wondering, "What's th

TV Shows & Magazines are Shutting Down (Bethenny, Katie Couric, Daily Candy, The Couch)! Now What?

This year has definitely been full of media changes and shake-ups.  The much celebrated Katie Couric and Bethenny shows were canceled.  Chelsea Handler announced her departure (coming in August) from the E!


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