Next #PRTuneUp: Taking your questions. Ask us in the comments!


It's late at night, you're sleuthing around, trying to find out how to pitch a magazine your brand would be perfect for. You're a business owner, or you're the bright staff member a business owner has hired to score them major press. Or you're the PR agency your client has hired, and you're working your networks of knowedge to land that big hit.

Do you wish you could get your "PR Therapy" on and spill all your questions, fears or the thoughts that keep you up at night about the world of public relations and media outreach?

Well now you can! In our next #PRTuneUp happening July 1, 2013!

As a small business owner or entrepreneur put to task with doing your own public relations outreach (or even one who employs a full support staff) questions pop up throughout the day that you need answered!

At Tin Shingle, we usually save some time at the end of every #PRTuneUp to answer your burning questions, but this class will be ALL ABOUT YOU and the questions that fill your head about the world of media outreach!

No question is too small, too big, too silly. The only rule is, send it in to us beforehand so we can prepare to give you a clear and complete answer.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Register for the #PRTuneUp. It's free for Tin Shingle members, but open to the public. This call will be recorded and published in our Audio Library with othe past #TuneUps. Click here to register.

2. Put your questions in the comments below, and we'll answer them on the call!