How Schiffman Creative Landed Press on for Album Cover Design


Schiffman Creative in Time Magazine

When Erin Schiffman, the other half of the NYC based creative branding team Schiffman Creative, updated their Press Portfolio here at Tin Shingle with the press they landed in Time Magazine, we had to know how she got that!

It was a great press opportunity - commenting on the designs of 9 new musical releases from Justin Timberlake to David Bowie. Turns out,   having an updated website with their design work, client list, and bios was what secured them the gig.

This is a beautiful example of when SEO & PR blend to create a dynamite opportunity to validate a brand, and how it happened while the business owners were sleeping (after they'd done all their hard work of course).

Here's what Erin had to say:

Erin Schiffman" here is the story.  I got an e-mail from the editor explaining the piece and asking if we would be interested in being a part of the expert panel.  Of course we agreed to the interview...It is and it was a really fun story to be a part of! 

"After we completed the interview, I asked him how he found us.  He explained that he spent a lot of time researching small creative companies in NYC because he was very specific in what he was looking for.  After doing a ton of research via Google he came across our site.  He said that he felt that we were what he was looking for based on the work we have done and our bios. He also looked at previous companies we worked for, clients for previous and current projects, etc. 

"Lesson we learned - very important to have a website, showcase work, include a thorough bio and have easily accessible contact info. I thought the whole thing was pretty crazy especially coming from a PR background.  In my past life, I could have spent months and months trying to get a client a hit like this and the odds of it happening were small.

"....this was [mostly] luck and having a website that showcased our business."

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