Membership Update: Media Contacts and Editorial Calendars are Ready!


Media Contact Lists and Editorial Calendars

For our small business members: the Media Contacts and Editorial Lists are ready for you to research! You may have already started poking around and using them, so here are a few tips on how to best use them:


  • Search by Magazine: At the top of the lists, you'll see a drop down menu bar called "Media Outlet". Pick this for if you want to search by magazine.
  • Search by Subject: If you are looking for editors who specialize in "golf", for instance, you can use the drop down menu bar called "Category", and select a subject. You'll get a list of editors at different magazines.
  • Search by Magazine AND Subject: The combo. You can use both drop down menus at the same time to see who at Vogue specializes in "Beauty". This does produce a more limited set of results. If you get no results, it just means that no one at that magazine claims to specialize in that subject. This may or may not be true, so search by magazine if you want to find a reason to pitch that magazine.
  • Start Over: To start over with a clean search, just select the <Any> choice from that drop down menu. Or, just select a new Outlet or Category and click Apply.

The Editorial Calendars work much the same way. Be creative as you read through these to see how your brand might fit into their editorial line-up! And then go for the pitch.

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