Four Hot Topics You Should Be Pitching Around Right Now to Get Press

If you've been working in the public relations industry or are a DIY-er in the PR world who has been doing it long enough, you know that one key landing press (other than straight pitches focused on a particular good/service/expert) is piggybacking onto hot topics that the media is already excited about and covering regularly.  Why?  Quite simply because these issues or trends are

How to Pitch: How Someecards, Tin Shingle PR Leads & HARO Reveal Hot Topics in the News

The act of pitching, from creating a "perfect pitch" to landing a placement because of said pitch, is a business art form that even the best publicists work regularly at improving upon.  Whether you're a PR pro or a small business owner just dipping your toes into the world of DIY public relations, there is always room for improvement.

Help Me Help You: Publicists Reveal How Small Biz Clients Can Improve Chances for Press & Their Working Relationship

*Co-founder & Chief Excitement Office of Tin Shingle Sabina is also the co-founder of Red Branch PR.  Here, she & some fellow publicists share tips for small biz owners everywhere...A list they've been wanting to share for quite some time now...


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