Two Solid Reasons Not to Give Up Pitching Even When the Press Isn't Responding

I'm sure many of you have been there before: you're sending pitch after pitch to one of your target media contacts or outlets, and it's met with the sound of silence.  Crickets.  The energy it takes to do this and the mental and emotional drain you

5 Newsworthy Hot Topics You Should be Thinking About Pitching Now in December for 2014

It's nearly mid-December and no doubt you're busy.  You're decking the halls and scouring the web (and local shops) for last minute  gifts.  Here's one more thing to add to your list - actually 5 more to be precise: Five Hot Topics you should be considering while planning your PR strategy for the end of the year into 2014. 

How to Use Fotor for Visuals: A (Free) Must-Have Tool for Any Small Business

Visuals are one of the most powerful tools you need to incorporate into nearly ever facet of your content creation, public relations, marketing, social media - even retail -  efforts as a small business owner or entrepreneur.  Whether you're a product, service

How to Get on a National Talk Show: Things Any Small Business Owner can be Doing Now!

One perk of owning a PR ageny for years and now being a co-founder at Tin Shingle is that I'm connected to some wonderful producers, editors and media magic-makers who have worked regularly with me for years, and do now via the Tin Shingle world. 


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