2012 Editorial Calendars are Live - Start Pitching!


The listings you've been waiting for - the Editorial Calendars are now available in your member account if you are a Pro-Preneur with full access to our business tools and benefits (don't have this? Check 'em out here and join today). They live in the PR Tools of your Member Account Center, or a shortcut link from the right side column of the website when you're logged in with your Pro-Preneur account. We have collected calendars from some of the country's top print outlets, which are to help further guide your pitching.

For PR newbies, an Editorial Calendar is a list of content themes that a magazine is following for each month. For example: Newsweek's next issue is on print and digital, with a focus on fashion (timely...since Fashion Week is approaching). How can you swing this? That's where your brainstorming comes into play. What does your business offer that hits this editorial direction? We provide more in depth coverage on pitching by editorial calendars here.

Each month will be listed in the order of what Submission Deadline is expiring the soonest. Use these to help plan your monthly PR campaign plans each month, that we covered in how to use our Monthly Campaign PR Templates (also available to Pro-Preneurs only).

Listings will look like this:

Editorial Calendar Opportunity: Print and digital feature: fashion.
Submission Deadline: 02/06/2012
Newsstand Date: 02/13/2012
Opportunity Type: Fashion

You can also cross-reference the magazines by theme-type. When you get to the Editorial Calendar page of your account center, you'll see a pulldown for "Category" and one for "Media Outlet". From "Category," select "fashion" (for example). Then select a magazine for which you're researching. This could limit your search too much (would you have thought to look in Newsweek for fashion coverage?), so you could search by Magazine only, or Category only.

Pay attention to the Submission Deadline. It may be 3 months in advance for the glossies, and a week for weeklies. These calendar listings will expire when their submission deadline expires.