Four Hot Topics You Should Be Pitching Around Right Now to Get Press


If you've been working in the public relations industry or are a DIY-er in the PR world who has been doing it long enough, you know that one key landing press (other than straight pitches focused on a particular good/service/expert) is piggybacking onto hot topics that the media is already excited about and covering regularly.  Why?  Quite simply because these issues or trends are of interest to the media and the public, and in order to keep talking about it, producers and editors will be looking for multiple angles and fresh twists they can use in future stories.

Piggybacking onto hot news stories or pitching yourself into a trend story can be one of the most effective ways to land a TV segment, a blog post, share your expertise and more. 

With that in mind we thought we'd kick your creativity and strategic thinking into high gear by giving you a list of hot topics we think some of you can spin yourself or brand into.  We've also included some of our own freestyle story association of related topics we came up with while writing this for you that you can use to inspire yourself!

Summer Travel
- families are traveling by plane, train, automobile...families are planning staycations, people are traveling abroad, people are finding themselves in stressful travel-related situations, people need proper travel many ways to spin this - go for it!

Summer Weddings - families are joining as one (exciting, romantic, stressful), weddings mean wedding budgets to deal with, what will people wear to summer weddings, what is the best gift to give to the new bride & groom, where are hot spots to honeymoon? How can you spice up your honeymoon? How can blended families get along better?

Fourth of July is on its way - picnics, barbeques, hot dogs, healthy alternatives to barbeque food, how to plan a romantic picnic, staycations, Fourth of July safety procedures, party games for kids, how to plan a holiday barbeque, local festivals to check out over the holiday...

50 Shades of Grey - yes, we're going there...50 Shades inspired anything & everything (food, books, jewelry), this is the time where love and relationship experts can weigh in, hardware stores and supply stores, this is your chance to weigh in on rope sales...

Stay tuned next week for more topics you should be pitching!