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Editorial Calendar SecretsDo you know why I love editorial calendars (or "ed cals" for short)? Because they are super powerful tools in your company's PR tool belt! In fact they are so powerful that we've shared a few major editorial calendar opportunities (hello O, the Oprah Magazine) with you below!  These and other ed cals listings are a must to master because they are like a crystal ball, looking into a magazine's story plans that they're working on for future issues. 

We all know how tiring it can be to pitch story ideas to editors and hear nothing in return.  Ed cals help to lessen this from happening because you're piching stories that you know an editor or reporter is looking for.  Ed cal opportunities often share the theme of future magazine issue, the angles of future stories and the deadline date when the stories are due.  A word to the wise, do not wait until the deadline date to pitch, you should be reaching out looooong before then, because that date is when stories close and the magazine goes to press.  The editors will have decided who or what will be in them in advance of these dates, and as always, early birds get worms!

I'm sure you're ready to get to the good stuff, the listings we're sharing with you today are some of from our much larger collection that you can access on the Tin Shingle website!

Once you check out the listings below, start working on and sending out your pitches offering your business or expertise to them. Not sure how to go from finding the editorial calendar to pitching it to landing press?  Feeling a bit rusty where ed cals are concerned?  Find out all you need to know about pitching them in this How to Pitch Editorial Calendars Podcast.  Now on with the ed cal opportunities that may be perfect for your business!


O, The Oprah Magazine
Holiday O List featuring Gift for Men, Women, Family, Kids. Deadline is 9/19/2014, on newsstands 11/11/2014.

Country Living Magazine
Fun, Festive, Affordable! 101 Creative Ways to Make Most of the Season.  Special double issue with colorful craft ideas, budget-friendly gift suggestions, and easy, tasty appetizers. Deadline date 9/25/2014.  On newsstands 11/25/2014.

Marie Claire Magazine
Skin Care, Beauty Issue: Skincare Survival Guide. Deadline date 8/28/2014. On newwstands 10/21/2014.

Working Mother    
Motherhood, Employment: Working Mothers of the Year. Deadline is 9/30/2014. On newsstands 11/18/2014.

Men's Health Magazine   
Holiday, Gift, Technology Guide and The 12th Annual Tech Guide. Deadline date 9/24/2014. On newsstands 11/18/2014.

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