Editor Etiquette: Two of Our Most Common Magazine Pitching Questions Answered...


Let's face it: pitching magazines is hard.  Knowing the right way to follow up (or when not to) can be baffling.  True story.  In every business owner's quest to land magazine press sitautions arise that leave them wondering, "What's the best way to handle this pitching crossroads?", and "If I do XYZ when pitching this magazine editor, is that going to go really well for me or really badly?"  We know these types of questions come up regularly because we're asked them on a weekly basis, whether via email, social media or in our live #TuneUps.

Today we're breaking down two very common questions regarding pitching editors, reporters and writers at magazines that leave entrepreneurs stumped.  We're guessing you'e wondered them at some point or another, and if you have't you will once you dive into active magazine press outreach. Be stumped no more, and read our expert advice about each of them via Ask the Expert articles we've included below:

Click on each of the perplexing situations above to get the answers and find out how your business should respond when you wonder the same thing!