The Pitch Workshop: The Tin Shingle Community Gives Feedback, Advice & Tips on Your Pitch


  • Have you ever wished someone could look at your pitch and weigh in on it?
  • Have a subject line you want to test?
  • Wondering if the image you’re using in your pitch is a good one?
  • Have you ever wondered if the point you think you’re making in your pitch is clear and apparent to someone reading it outside of your biz?
  • Do you just want another set of eyes on your pitch (the answer to this should always be YES)?

The Pitch Workshop: Get and Get Feedback, Advice and Tips on Your PitchTin Shingle has introduced a new Pitch Workshop Forum to our exclusive, member-only online forum. Just like writers often "workshop" their pieces in groups (these are  meetings where they weigh in on each other's work, give advice, suggested edits, critiques and insight) this virtual Pitch Workshop allows our community of entrepreneurs and small business owners  - as well as several PR and marketing pros - to weigh in on each other's pitches.

This really speaks to the true power of a community like Tin Shingle.  You don’t have to do it alone!  You are not alone!  

Not only are you not alone, you no longer have to wonder about all those questions I mentioned at the start of this post because because you now have a community of people who can share their experiences and insight with you, whether you want to ask an opinion on the way you're wording a specific phrase or if you want to copy and paste your entire pitch in the forum for feedback (yup, that's allowed as well).

The entire process is as simple as visiting the Pitch Workshop Forum and sharing your pitch, anytime, day or night.  When other members weigh in, you'll get an email alerting you to this and you can hop right back into the Forum to see what they have to say and even reply.

You do need to be a Tin Shingle member to participate in the Pitch Workshop Forum, and all of the Forum conversation areas available to members. If you haven't joined us yet, don't waste one more moment wondering if you're sending the right pitch out, join our community and platform now and be sure of it!

Meantime, what questions do you most often have about the pitches you write?  Share them in the comments below, and you may just find an answer in an upcoming article or podcast!


Posted my question in the forum - I always get confused on who the right person is to pitch, esp. with the different titles. I have product that is both timely (TV, celeb driven) and product (jewelry). Does it make sense to pitch both news/market editors AND the fashion/accessories/style editors? Or just pick one first?

Also, is there a big difference between online and print editors, or do they share info? So that's potentially THREE different contacts to pitch at one pub?