TV Shows & Magazines are Shutting Down (Bethenny, Katie Couric, Daily Candy, The Couch)! Now What?


This year has definitely been full of media changes and shake-ups.  The much celebrated Katie Couric and Bethenny shows were canceled.  Chelsea Handler announced her departure (coming in August) from the E! network.  Others to add to that list include America Now, The Couch (on CBS), Piers Morgan...the list goes on and on. Let's not forget the magazine and website shut downs as well which surprise and sadden us ( Daily Candy!) on a regular basis.

Not only is this often sad to see happen from a media-loving and business perspective, but for many of you reading this, it throws a wrench in your brand's public relations campaigns!  Who to pitch next?  What to do?  Can you reach out to editors who have left for other publications or producers now moving on to other shows?  Where do you find out where they went?

Let us help ease your worries and answer your questions in this set of tips we created to answer just those questions about what to do when a media outlet you're pitching closes, and more!