Why Every Biz Should Care About Getting Features in Biz Press


To know us is to know we don't just believe that successful business owners know that building buzz is a mandatory part of success, but it's also important to make sure different types of stories are circulating about your business.  What do we mean by that?  Well, beyond features about your product and service specifically, you also want other stories cycling about your biz in the press - it helps get you in front of new audiences and shares information about different parts of your brand.  One key type of story you should be going after is a story about your business in general. AKA a feature on you as an entrepreneur, your "a ha moment" - a story that could run in Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, BusinessInsider.com, your local papers, on television....you get it!

Why should you care about (read: invest the time into) landing a business features?  Even if they seem harder or more daunting?  Here are some of their key benefits:

Biz features are the chance for readers, viewers and listening to meet the face behind the brand.  Via these stories, people connect with the founder and creator, get to know the why's and how's of your story, get inspired, and their trust in you and your business begins to grow.  Often time, these stories are the ones that get people rooting for you and your business and lead to dedicated brand ambassadors.

It gets you in front of new and necessary potential customers.  If you're only pitching O Magazine and Men's Health, you're only getting in front of two of the same audiences repeatedly.  Add in a biz story angle and outlets like your local television news (for a feature on YOU a local business owner), biz publications like Inc, Entrepreneur and Fast Company or even in your local newspaper, and you're opening yourself up to hundreds - potentially thousands or millions - of potential customers.  No doubt that your story will also be shared with those who think their friends and family would be interested in what your business does.

It validates your business in front of the right people.  Press is a powerful validation tool, whether it's online or in your local newspaper.  It says to people, "this business matters, you should know about them."  And not just people like friends, family and customers.  As Janine Just, founder of Janine Just Inc., and the guest expert on this week's #TuneUp explains, press validates your business in a way that is essential if you need to get manufacturers, VC, angels, and more.  These people are all reading these trades which often lead to additional funding, bigger orders, or additional distribution.  Sound like something you want?  Then business press is a must.

Final reason we have for you today?  It just feels good.  Here you are working away and creating something that did not exist before.  Doing work that makes people's lives more awesome in your own special way.  You deserve more than a high five for that, you deserve a buzzworthy story.  This is where you get that special kind of buzz.

Now that you know you need it, you're probably wondering where to find out how to land that essential press.  Never fear, tomorrow's live webinar will teach you just that.  Join us online from anywhere, or stay tuned for the recording to go live next week!  Live attendees, bring your questions, we'll answer them live during the webinar!