What to Pitch in June: Get Ready to Get Press This Summer!


What to Pitch in June

Happy Summer! Welcome to warmer weather! I write that with a sigh as I'm currently staring out a window into a gray, gloomy and rain splattered New York City.  That said, the calendar says we're in June and you know what happens at the first of every month: the What to Pitch series comes back!

Every month we fill you're brain with inspiration to guide your story and themes, blog posts and media pitch ideas, and this month is no different.  As always, we encourage you to let your mind play with the ideas and themes and find ways to customize them to your own business and messsage, no matter what you do or create for a living. 

Raise your hand if you're ready for big summer buzz? Okay, all of you who are raising your hands, read on below for your story ideas!


Every season marks a new reason for the short lead media outlets, from television to online to newspapers, to share seasonal stories.  I love this type of theme because it's impossible not to find an angle that can be pitched out about your business. What type of stories does summer have in store for the press? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Summer safety and wellness (from bug bites to water safety to sun protection)
  • Healthy summer recipes
  • Schools out, now what? There are so many press stories built into this one!
  • Summer fashion, accessories, beauty or must-haves
  • Summer romance: advice, wisdom, facts, figures, studies you name it!
  • Roadtrip advice, safety, games or suggestions.
  • Family events & reunions -  experts can give advice on dealing with your family, share fun family games, talk about reunion planning, etc.
  • How to throw a summer: picnic, barbeque, gathering, cocktail party, etc.
  • Summer weddings - run with this one folks, it's packed with buzz-worthy story angles.

4th of July!

Yes, I know that Independence Day is in July, so why am I talking about it now? Because it's my birthday and I'm getting excited about it? Well, yes it is but that's not why...I'm sharing it because if you want to land some buzz for this BIG holiday you can't wait until a couple days before it hits to start pitching, you've got to start fairly soon.  Let's face it, the 4th of July is FILLED with story ideas you can pitch, no matter what type of business you run.  That said, it's also the type of holiday that a lot of buzz builders will want to capitalize on, so you must be that early bird that gets the worm.  The holiday also sees members of the press taking vacations and holidays from work, so they may be pre-taping segments and locking their stories before the holiday weekend, another reason to start your outreach early!

While you're thinking of 4th of July themed pitches and story angles let me just plan this seed in your head: entrepreneurship is all about independence, am I right? So consider creating a story angle rooted in that concept, your entrepreneurial journey and freedom!

Father's Day - June 21st

In only a few weeks we'll be celebrating our dads. How can you make this work for your buzz building? I'd get cracking on some "FD" themed blogs, social media posts and story ideas. You can actually read a full Father's Day buzz building tip sheet here, but in terms of press-worthy story ideas, here are some to get your mind churning:

  • How to throw the perfect Father's Day brunch/dinner/barbeque
  • Last minute gifts for dad (some websites, TV shows and newspapers will still be pulling this, do your research and act fast).
  • A day in the life of a "dadpreneur" - what's it like, what are the challenges and the highlights, offer to share them with your local media.
  • DIY Father's Day gifts
  • Advice dad gave me that has changed my life - get together with a few other entrepreneurs, make a panel (or a collection of talking points) and pitch away!
  • What your biz is doing to celebrate dads this year: if it's visual hit up your local TV stations!
  • Tips to master the toughest "dad challenges"


The happiest of June to you my small business friends, here's to summer!  Have another story idea you love to share with the press or on your blog during June? Share it below!

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