Business Improvements for 2012, and Who Can Help You

You've learned a lot over the past year, and you're ready for your business to absorb the new angles you're going to try. You've studied your SEO to at least know what it is, you've been pitching the press and have gotten some nibbles, you've recognized weaknesses in your business structure and you're ready to plug the holes.

How to Get on The Wendy Williams Show - A Simple How To Guide

Wendy Williams.  How can you miss her?  This one time NYC radio DJ has taken her eponymous show to the top of the television ratings, meaning that if you're an expert or brand featured on the program, you're going to get major, instant exposure.  It it possible? Heck yes!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Your PR and Marketing Campaign, Must-Knows for Big Sales

It’s no secret that the retail world has been dealing with a lot these days.  Whether you’re a “big box” retailer or a small business, whether you're selling online or via a brick & mortar store, you’ve no doubt felt the blow of the depressed ec

Headshots: How They Impact Your PR & Sales, A Quick Reminder!

A good headshot is extremely important to your small business: it says a lot about the entrepreneur(s) behind the brand, is often the first chance the media you're pitching will have a change to see what you look like (often when they're deciding to use you as an expert) and it's also the first chance potential customers will get to see who you are.


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