Four Hot Topics You Should Be Pitching Around Right Now to Get Press

If you've been working in the public relations industry or are a DIY-er in the PR world who has been doing it long enough, you know that one key landing press (other than straight pitches focused on a particular good/service/expert) is piggybacking onto hot topics that the media is already excited about and covering regularly.  Why?  Quite simply because these issues or trends are

Was your last great idea the launch of your business? Three techniques for getting the creative juices flowing

When starting your new business venture, you have tons of great ideas - new ways of doing business, cool new products, fantastic and much needed new services. But after you start your business venture and you're off and running, are you still approaching your business with the same creative mind?

Why Service-Based Businesses Should Send Newsletters to Clients

You've cooked up all sorts of offerings to your clients and customers, but have you told them about it? And if you did, did you remind them about it? Although your business is one of the most important aspects to you in your life, it's not that important in the minds of your clients or customers.

Twitter Tips: How to Grow Your Understanding & Followers and Shrink Your Fear of Tweeting

Twitter.  No matter how much you may want to avoid dipping your  toe - or whole leg - into it,  it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  On top of that, it’s where many of your customers, competitors and press contacts are getting their news, communicating with each other, learning about products, services and events and simply hanging out.  I


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