Snagged: Sabina Les Scores People StyleWatch - How She Did It!


Designer Sabina Les on People StyleWatch

We love to celebrate member success stories, and we get especially excited when it comes from an opportunity we've created for members of Tin Shingle to grow their brand.  It happens a lot and peopel wonder, "just how does that process work" so we decided to make a play-by-play about the opportunity!  Replace People StyleWatch with Lucky, Entrepreneur Magazine, Good Morning America, CBS Early Show and more and the same process can be applied!

The Opportunity Arises:  This past summer we opened up the People StyleWatch (PSW) pitch opportunity up to our members as an ongoing lead.  Whenever members felt ready, they could dive in. This was when accessories designer and member Sabina Les responded to the exclusive PR Leads and we had delivered her pitch to the style editor on her behalf.

We Wait for the "Get": Sabina (the accessories designer, not our Excitement Officer) followed the pitching directions and was a fantastic fit for the magazine, so we were confident about the connection, but as PR goes, you just never know until it's a go, so we sat back and waited, and BAM, shortly after the personal introduction the acceptance email that she had a confirmed placement was receved by our PR team.

We Facilitate the "Hit": We made sure Sabina & PSW all were able to get what they needed to make the placement a success, from images to copy for the editors.

We All Celebrate the Success: The press spot on was a go with scarf designer, Sabina Les this past week and the placement went live on November 2, 2011, featuring this scarf from Sabina Les, that we are thrilled to share with you! Congratulations to Sabina Les!