How to Get on The Wendy Williams Show - A Simple How To Guide


Wendy Williams.  How can you miss her?  This one time NYC radio DJ has taken her eponymous show to the top of the television ratings, meaning that if you're an expert or brand featured on the program, you're going to get major, instant exposure.  It it possible? Heck yes! In fact, one of our Tin Shinglers did and you can read her story here, showing us once again that small businesses do have a chance to be profiled on the "small screen".  In the article below we'll outline HOW to get on and we have also included a link to the producer contacts for you to get to piching.  But first: master the art of pitching Wendy Williams!

There are two things to ask yourself when daydreaming about being on The Wendy Williams Show.  First:  are you even a fit for the Wendy Show and Second: how do you get yourself on the show?

Never fear, we're hear to answer these questions and give you tips on making the process so easy that you'll figure it out faster than you perfect your classic, Wendy "How You Doin"!

Let's be honest, not everyone is meant for Wendy.  You know who is certainly not ready for Wendy?  Anyone who has never watched the show.  If you simply want to be on it because you hear it's a big show and you want press, stop here.  You aren't allowed to read any further until you have watched some clips of the show.  I'll make it easy, you can find them HERE.  If you've read any of my DIY PR posts you know that I'm a big believer that you must study the press you're pitching.  I mean you Google the names of people you go on a date with, you'd never hire a babysitter without checking references, you check Yelp when you are considering restaurant choices...Important things take research.  Getting press for your business is important.  Don't take it lightly.  Even in regards to shows that take, well, everything lightly.

How will you know how and what to pitch if you have never seen the program?  How will you know what types of guests and segments they do?  How will you know what types of products they love?  How will you discover clever ways to spin your product in?  Do your homework.

The WW Show isn't like the Today Show...That said they follow standard procedures most days.  They have celebrity guests, cover hot topics, gossip, celebrity news and from time to time they have on experts with tips or products that are great for Wendy's audience. 

The show itself describes the program as follows:
Entertainment talk show, hosted by New York DJ, syndicated radio host, TV personality and best-selling author Wendy Williams. Show features advice during the "Ask Wendy" segments, "Hot Topics" commentary on news headlines, and interviews with celebrities and everyday people.

What do Wendy & her audience love?
Before you get to part two below (the How to get on) first be sure you or your product could be reasonably spun into the context of the show.  Wendy loves bling, Wendy loves fabulous, Wendy loves cool and fresh tips and tricks, Wendy loves celebrity attachment, Wendy loves beef jerky (okay irrelevant but true).  At the same time, Wendy's viewers like value, they like getting product giveaways, they like tips that will help them save money and be fabulous, they love product segments that won't break the bank....Can you provide these things?

Okay I PROMISE I Belong on the Show, How Do I Get On...

There are so many ways to "get on" a show and connect with producers.  From calling the station to finding them on Twitter (yes they're there).  It's an internet world, it's a networked world (both on and offline) and the contacts are the easy part here...A call to the show describing what/who you are and asking for the best producer for your topic can even net you a contact, but that's only half the battle...See below for a useful set of tips all under the "how" category:

If you are a potential expert who will be sharing tips and tricks, create a quick and to the point pitch that introduces you, links to your website/reel, gives a few sentences max about what you do and why you're qualified and good for Wendy, and then bullet out 5 or so segment ideas that you could demonstrate.  Make sure segments are highly visual and fit with Wendy's demographic.

Introduce the option of giveaways.  Whether you are a product or service, The Wendy Show loves giveaways, and if you can give to her audience (you will need to provide approx. 225 products or gift certificates) it could help you.  If you are an expert, find one of the products in your segment that will offer a giveaway.  It's a great "cherry on top" of your pitch.

Court the experts who go on the show! If you are a product based business they are unlikely to do a segment all about you alone, unless you're really newsworthy and you are a Hot Topic...So, track the experts who make regular TV appearances and share your product with them, for future segments they'll be doing.  This will not only help get you on Wendy, but on several other shows as well!

ASK to send a sample.  Don't blindly send them (hello waste of time and money).  But if you can find a great person to send them to, you have a better chance in showing your stuff!

Pitch yourself into a Hot Topic! You may not be worthy of a whole segment, but you could tie yourself to a Hot Topic. Be cool, newsworthy, find a celeb attachment to your product and you could be well on your way!

Be Fun!  Have you seen this show? It's not serious! It's not NBC Nightly News, it's a blast! You must bring the blast - if you are up tight and not bringing the energy and you're an expert, this isn't the show for you! Get your Wendy Shoes on (tall and fabulous) and bring it!

Be timely: Valentine's Day, Spring, St. Patrick's Day....That's what we're looking at on deck - get creative, make a seasonal segment up that is fresh and fun.

Don't give up and think it will be easy!  If it took one try (or two) to get on a national TV show everyone would be doing it! Pitch a lot, pitch patiently and politely and await their feedback.

Open up your net!  Your network that is!  You'd be surprised how many people are separated by only a few people from their media goal.  You know where you won't find them?  In a silent bubble of disconnect? Put it out there, look on social media, network, ask around...If you are a good fit you're bound to have people who can help connect you!

Last but not least!  Acces the Contacts via Tin Shingle:

Our contact database is packed with TV producer contacts including those from Wendy Williams!  If you're a member of Tin Shingle, you can access them directly via this database!