SNAGGED! Fox News Rhode Show Features Just Bubbly


Searching for a fun, innovative and inexpensive gift this holiday season?  Well then you're in luck like the viewers of the Fox morning show The Rhode Show out of Providence, Rhode Island today were when they were treated to an affordable holiday gifts segment hosted by lifestyle expert Brittney Levine which featured several entrepreneur-run businesses including Tin Shingle member Mariann Smith's company Just Bubbly.  If you aren't familiar with Mariann's fun and funky soaps and bath products you're missing out (the bug in soap is my favorite gift to give kids), so be sure you check her out!

Want to have the chance to snag hot press like Mariann? Be sure you're replying to your PR Leads AND you keep your member and company profile up-to-date.  This is just another fabulous placement born from Mariann doing just that!  When Brittney came to us with another exciting segment, we had to act fast and get her what she needed.  We dove into the back Business Directory while we sent out a PR Lead.  Mariann's profiles were packed with information on who she was, what she did, her products, where to find them online and more.  Within minutes we were able to send the details to our superstar TV expert, and the rest, as they say, is (tv) history!