The Power of Personal Style Bloggers: Understanding It & Harnessing It For Your Business

I've got a naughty addiction and I'm ready to share it...No, it's not illegal, but yes it does give me a total high...Ever since I started I haven't been able to stop.  In the morning, in the afternoon, while waiting in line at the post office...on the train...The truth is, my name is Sabina and I'm addicted to personal style bloggers.

Three Ways You Could be Preventing Press From Finding You & Easy Ways to Fix Them

Are you a business owner?  Especially one with a brick & mortar storefront (though digital storefronts lend me your ears as well)?  Well I have news for you: I'm about to share three small changes you can make in your business that will instantly help the press (and other business-changing contacts) find you and help grow your business.&nbsp

Worst Newsletter Etiquette Ever. Period.

One afternoon, I popped into my gmail account to scan for latest emails that came in. My gmail is one of about...7 emails that I manage for myself. I run a couple of blogs, and a couple of companies. I don't filter my gmail by Promotions, Social, etc., because I like to see the latest of what's coming in as it comes.


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