How to Share Your Press on Social Media (Without Being Annoying)

It happened, it finally happened.  You landed a feature story in a press outlet you have been pitching tirelessly (and strategically) for ages!  You want to sing it from the rooftops as well as across social media, from Twitter to Facebook.  You want to tell your friends, family, landlord, dog and mailman to keep their eyes peeled for

No Free Turkey Sandwiches: A 2 Minute Read for Those Tempted to Say Yes to Offering Free ANYTHING In Business


I'm guessing that you're reading this because even though you've read our posts on Fear-proof & Fail-proof Ways to Say No and No Free Brainpicking there are times when you still need a little bit of inspiration in the "no I don't give away my products/service/advice for free as a business owner" department.

How to Use Fotor for Visuals: A (Free) Must-Have Tool for Any Small Business

Visuals are one of the most powerful tools you need to incorporate into nearly ever facet of your content creation, public relations, marketing, social media - even retail -  efforts as a small business owner or entrepreneur.  Whether you're a product, service

How to Get on a National Talk Show: Things Any Small Business Owner can be Doing Now!

One perk of owning a PR ageny for years and now being a co-founder at Tin Shingle is that I'm connected to some wonderful producers, editors and media magic-makers who have worked regularly with me for years, and do now via the Tin Shingle world. 

Cross Promotion: Why Your Small Business Should Consider it & A Few Ideas to Get You Going

I recently popped into one of my favorite boutiques in Brooklyn and noticed a stack of beautifully designed postcards on counter that they were handing out with every purchase.  Upon closer examination I saw that it was an offer for 25% off purchases at two neighboring shops (a gift shop and shoe store) along with a free baked good with purchase of a drink at the coffee

Why Should My Business Have a Blog: 8 Simple Reasons from Sabina

If I had a dollar for every small business I encouraged to create a blog, I'd be getting myself a little "high five" in the form of this sassy little puppy.  But alas, I personally feel like all too often I see companies that aren't taking advantage of this powerf


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