Membership Success Story: Nutty Steph's Lands Desksides After Getting "Pitch Whispered" by Tin Shingle


How Nutty Steph's Got a Deskside at O MagazineDo you want to get Pitch Whispered? I bet you will after reading this post!  Let me explain...

Over here at Tin Shingle, we create and maintain tools and resources that empower business owners like you to get the word out about their businesses in BIG yet easy-to-use ways.  The moment we developed one of our newest additions to this small biz "tool shop" I had a feeling it was going to be major! You see, pre-Tin Shingle, I spent nearly a decade working in the PR world.  Working that world taught me that creating the perfect pitch to a magazine, newspaper or TV show can be one of the most time consuming, stress-inducing and labor intensive experiences outside of the actual pitching itself.

Crafting the email that introduces you and your business to editors, producers or bloggers can be a "bit much" - let's not pretend it's not!  You wonder:

  • "Does this sound right?" 
  • "Will they understand why I'm so awesome?" 

These are crucial questions every small business owner asks. So we developed a way to make the pitch creation process better, easier, and more powerful: The Pitch Whisperer Program. 

The Pitch Whisperer Program is where a seasoned PR professional is assigned to your pitch, then fully edits or re-writes it, and sends you notes on how you can improve your pitching skills. Within days of us launching it, it was one of the most popular services. As you can tell, I'm pretty excited about it, but you don't have to take my word for it!  Pitch Whispering has landed companies like Hudson Henry Granola on the Today Show. Shortly after that, the VT based chocolate company Nutty Stephs submitted their pitch to our Pitch Whisperers to make her letter shine, and it resulted in a deskside appointment with O Magazine and two other national magazines.


Tin Shingle and the Pitch Whisperer Program have been an immense help in growing our media connections. The Pitch Whisperers helped us land 3 deskside appointments. During the summer we met with Lucky Magazine, O Magazine, and Better Homes & Gardens. Both O and Lucky showed great interest in including our company in a future feature, and Lucky followed up for photographs. In addition, through another pitch that Tin Shingle helped us with, we connected with Real Simple, Every Day With Rachael Ray, Daily Candy, and Kiwi Magazine, and all requested samples of our products. Thank you Tin Shingle - your service is invaluable to Nutty Steph's!

Cecilia Leibovitz, Nutty Steph's

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