Worst Newsletter Etiquette Ever. Period.


One afternoon, I popped into my gmail account to scan for latest emails that came in. My gmail is one of about...7 emails that I manage for myself. I run a couple of blogs, and a couple of companies. I don't filter my gmail by Promotions, Social, etc., because I like to see the latest of what's coming in as it comes.

I noticed a new brand newsletter that I didn't recognize. Wondering who could be emailing me from this unknown company, I opened it to see some cool purses. It was a designer emailing me their newsletter. They had emailed it to my old fashion blog email, FashionMista. I never give that email out, so I knew that whoever added the email to the newsletter had pulled it off my blog and just plopped it into their newsletter list.

Big no-no. Despite the cute purses, I unsubscribed right away. It's not cool to troll for email addresses. I don't care how cool your brand is.

So I wrote an article about newsletter signup etiquette, which goes into the illegal nature of that move, and how it hurts your potential relationships with editors, bloggers, and even your friends.

Read it now and see if you're making the same mistake, and check to see that any marketing agency you've hired isn't doing it on your behalf without you realizing it.