Interviewing Tin Shingle Members for Our #SNAGGED! Series


If you are a Tin Shingle hear this!

Did you get press via any of your Tin Shingle membership tools? Because if you did, we want to feature you in our blog, in our newsletter, and all over our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. That's right - when you score press by using any of your Tin Shingle business tools, it's a major win for everyone and we want to share how you did it. Other business owners and their teams love reading success stories, so it's another way to get your brand out there and push the ripple effect of great press.

If you got press via:

  • PR Lead. Did you pitch one and land a story?
  • #TuneUp or #Intensive Series. Did you get an amazing idea after listing to one of our #TuneUp or #Intensive classes that led to SEO, Social or PR success?
  • Media Contacts or Editorial Calendars. Did you cold-pitch an editor or producer you found in the contacts, or did you get inspired by the Editorial Calendars and send in a winning story idea?
  • Pitch Whisperer Program. Did our Pitch Whisperers review and edit your pitch, which later turned into a winner?
  • Connections through members. Did you get a hook-up via a fellow member?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, please click here to begin our interview process with you! You'll answer easy questions in our online form, and we'll be in touch with followup questions for an even hotter article!