NEW! Pitch Whisperer Forum Created for Pro-Members


You have been enjoying the Pitch Whispering service so much, that we've created a Forum category dedicated to it. It's called the Pitch Whisperer Think Tank and is intended for you to get light feedback from other business owners on your pitches. This isn't a formal pitch review, but if you have smaller pitches that you'd like feedback on from other members, this is the place to workshop it.


  • Find it in the Forum, or by clicking here.
  • Give and receive. Feedback from the community is strengthened by your participation and will give back when you need it.
  • Use an official Pitch Whisperer Review for if you're super stuck, hearing radio silence from all angles, or just want to make sure you've done a bang-up job. An official review consists of recommendations to your pitch and future pitches, and a fully edited letter for you to send out.
  • If you have used the Pitch Whisper service in the past, and are stuck on your pitches, DO refer back to your notes from our prior review. Recommendations made to past pitches will help you as you contact new media outlets.
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