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How to Share Your Press on Social Media (Without Being Annoying)

It happened, it finally happened.  You landed a feature story in a press outlet you have been pitching tirelessly (and strategically) for ages!  You want to sing it from the rooftops as well as across social media, from Twitter to Facebook.  You want to tell your friends, family, landlord, dog and mailman to keep their eyes peeled for

What I'm Getting Kim Kardashian for her Bridal Shower: A Small Biz Gift List

Calling all diamond-encrusted unicorns, swans and vendors of floor to ceiling white, faux fur: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting married.  Call me a romantic, but I think these kids are going to make it, or at least make a lot of wedding vendors very happy with what is sure to be an extravagant celebration.  (I have a feeling their

The 5 Products That Will Get You Into Your Skinny Jeans (All Created by Entrepreneurs)

I have a confession to make: I think I've gained nearly five pounds in the past month.  I know.  That said, I would like to think I have a valid excuse: I got hitched, and after months of pre-wedding "get it right and get it tight" workouts, cleanses and uber-healthy eating, I spent our first month of marriage "celebrating" with my n

#SmallBizStyle: Rainy Day Must-Haves for Fall Showers, Make the Gloom Work for You!

I, personally, am quite the opposite of a "Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Some Other Day" kind of girl...I actually love a rainy day!  I think they are the perfect excuse to hunker down at home, get some work done ( this gal loves gloomy day blogging), read a bit, watch a movie and savor the excuse to stay indoors!  That said, cocooning up at home

Step Away From Your Desk: How to Leave Work for a Couple Weeks and Really Leave

Over the past year something amazing happened to me as an entrepreneur and businesswoman.  Sure, I planned a wedding and got married, but professionally speaking, thanks to the wedding month(s) I learned two major lessons:  How to Strategically Plan for Time Away from Work, and How to “Safely” Disconnect from Work and Enjoy it! 

#SmallBizStyle: We Get A Major Case of "Ring Envy" Thanks to Peggy Li Creations Jewelry

I get major jewelry cravings whenever I gaze at the photos in Peggy Li Creations Facebook feed.  It seems the San Francisco designer is always showcasing something gorgeous that I instantly begin picturing on my wrist, around my neck or on my fingers.  This week, after seeing some pretty amazing rings on her so


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