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TuneUp Recap: How to work with Bloggers, Online Magazines & Other Online Content Creators

This past week we had an awesome and strategy-packed weekly #TuneUp talking which covered the Do's and Don'ts of working with online media.  In fact, we got so into it we're continuing the discussion (including best-practice strategies and straight talk about samples and gifting) next week, so be sure to tune in (or check out the forum for full recaps)!

Pitch Now: 5 Story Ideas to Get You Press in April

Pitch Now! Story Ideas for Press in April

Happy Spring! Every month brings new ways you can pitch your business or yourself into press stories that could bring you powerful buzz that will change your business by putting it on the map, increasing your sales, introducing you to new customers and heck – just making you feel great about your business.

How to Give Directions at Work the Right Way AKA "You Have to Tell Them Where to Put the Parsley"

Entrepreneurship is in my blood.  Both of my parents are business owners and I grew up doing my homework in quiet corners of their offices,  eventually working for each of them during the summer until I graduated from co

The One Pitch EVERY Small Business Should Create Ahead of Time & Have On Hand at All Times

One of the most daunting things about PR is the amount of your time it can consume - time you could fill doing one of several (hundred) items on your business owner To Do List.  The time you could spend doing your own publicity outreach and the opportunities and

March Buzz Building Ideas: Beyond St. Patrick's Day, Maxing Out the Ides of March and More!

For many of us, March has come in like a lion (brrr) which is how I'd like you to visualize yourself when pitching your business this March - YOU ARE A LION, a pitching LION (or Lioness).  You are hunting after hot stories because you have a plan, ide

Learning from John Travolta's Mistakes: The Importance of Getting Names Right in Business (& Life)

Less than 24 hours after John Travolta completely mispronounced Idina Menzel's name during the live, Oscar telecast (right before this celebrated Broadway and television star took to the stage to sing an Oscar-nominated song from one of the year's biggest animate


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